7 Ways to get Backlinks in order to Boost your Website Ranking this year 2018

7 Ways to get Backlinks in order to Boost your Website Ranking this year 2018
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7 Ways to get Backlinks in order to Boost your Website Ranking this year

Been thinking of making your website to be among the top searches on Google? Been wondering how to improve your website ranking? You have for sure come to the right place to get that knowledge. There have been several methods that have been provided to help webmasters. The best being getting quality backlinks also called dofollow links through link building strategy which is usually difficult in SEO. But, through this article, we will show you 7 ways to get backlinks that you can use to get quality dofollow links to your site.

7 Ways to get Backlinks in order to Boost your Website Ranking this year 2018

1. So, what actually is link building?

Like the name suggests, we should try imaging it as a bridge that allows other websites to cross over to your website. Google understands its importance. Therefore, as you have good link building, you get upgraded in a better position on the search engines.

There are 2 types of encases; Dofollow links and Nofollow links

Dofollow Links Nofollow Links
Transmit SEO strength and improve the SEO ranking Do not transmit SEO strength
Good booster of Authority No Authority is transmitted
Hardest to get Very easy to get

In order to know if a link is dofollow or nofollow, just simply view that backlink in HTML source mode. If it comes with the tag rel=”nofollow”, then the backlink you get is nofollow, otherwise, it’s dofollow. Dofollow links usually don’t have that tag, or they have rel=”dofollow” whatever.

Dofollow links may be the hardest to get but are the best if you want some improvements. To do this, we will be going through 7 ways to get backlinks, as well as dofollow links, that are supposed to make your keywords position better. When I say better, do not forget that at first you must optimize the on-page SEO of all your pages and have a good content strategy.

I will be showing you the easiest ways for anyone to be able to get dofollow links done. But always remember to put links on websites that have themes similar to yours.

Technique 1: Discussing in related forums

As humans, we should learn to voice out our opinions, share some knowledge. But, let us try and make it applicable to the forums you might want to place your information at.

For example, if in a web development forum, a question is asked on how to install WordPress website on cPanel hosting, since I have the perfect answer to that, I make it short and concise then put a link to my comment in order to allow people get complete information. I get to be a hero for the users and host to visitors that come to my site at the same time.

Technique 2: Writing quality reviews on other related websites

In order to make things easier for the users of websites, most of the companies have a box for customers to write their reviews. This box usually has the authors name appearing with a dofollow link to your website.

You can gain backlinks through this by investigating websites that are offering products or services. Since they have the higher domain authority than yours, you should deal with them if they want to get opinions from you.

Therefore, find sites THAT ALLOW QUALITY REVIEWS in order to get dofollow backlinks.

Technique 3: Gain quality Backlinks from Social networks

Because social networks are usually of high domain authority. When links are placed in your tweet or publications, they are nofollow links, not dofollow links but we can change that can’t we?

This can be done by placing your URL in your profile in Google plus by entering “Sites” part of the section “About”. Do the same in the “Contact and Personal Info” section, “add website” on your LinkedIn profile. Copy and paste the URL of your main website and you will have a high-quality dofollow link from a domain with very high authority.

Technique 4: Translating CMS plugins (like WordPress, Joomla)

The issue of knowing more than one language will help you much here. In places like WordPress, you find lots of plugins that are still in English or other languages. When you find such plugins, contact the author in order to help he or she translate it to your local language. If you are lucky enough, you will be mentioned with a dofollow link in credit. Bam! No stress and you both gain something.

Try getting plugins with few texts to translate so you get lots of links at a short period of time. WP plugin directory is a good place still struggling with many plugins need to be translated.

Technique 5: Writing quality articles as Guest author

Google loves a dofollow link from a website that is related to your own topic than a sector that has nothing to do with your website at all. When you find a blog with a higher domain authority, traffic greater than yours and similarity to your topic, look for the guest blogging where you can write a good article to the owner of the blog with more good kinds of stuff.

If the blog owners accept guest blogging, usually there’s a section on their site called “Guest Blogging”, “Guest Post”, “Write for us”, or something similar to those. It’s very easy to find this section on their site.

Technique 6: Use footprints

When I say footprint let us try and forget the footprint that we can see on our paths but think about its tracking ability. The footprint can be seen as a command that you use on Google to perform specific searches (tracking). E.g. search “eCoupon.io” on Google and you will see many indexed results from my website. Thanks to the footprint, getting links can become a simpler task; let us say you need a link from domains with an .IO extension, you can use the following footprints and see results in English:

site: .io inurl: blog “leave a reply” – "you must be logged in"

You can also search the keywords in websites that allow comments with links unchecked, so you will have automatically- approved comments with your links on it. For this you can use:

keyword: “submitted by anonymous (not verified)" "your name:"

If you had a travel blog & destination and would like to get your very first backlinks, you could try to find websites or blogs of this type by putting this footprint using the keyword “travel”. In this way, you will find blogs that allow comments with auto-approved backlinks.

Technique 7: Own a PBN (Private Blog Network)

We purposely kept the best for the last ones of SEO techniques to be discussed, that is PBN or network or blogs. So, what is PBN? This is a network of blogs where the sole purpose is to help you rank your main website through the placement of links that point back to your main domain.

Creating these networks require TIME as well as a lot of work to do. Create your PBN by setting up blogs with domain names with good authority unless if you use ones with little authority or a new one, it will make your website no good and make such blogs useless for a while too.

So, find a domain with at least the age of 1, high domain authority with at least 30 and a clean link history. It is usually hard to find the perfect ones but with the right tools like Expireddomains you are good to go. When you have found domains, assemble your PBN and create content related to your content strategy.

2. Conclusion

I hope that through all these 7 ways to get backlinks, you have gained one or more things here and there.

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