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How to increase Domain Authority? – by
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How to increase Domain Authority?

How to increase Domain Authority? In the previous post, I’ve introduced to all you guys about What is Domain Authority? In fact, this is an important factor in Search engine ranking. It’s also very vital and essential that many Search engines consider it as a key role in their search ranking algorithms.

In this post, I will continue to introduce to you about some ways to increase this factor, domain authority. If you’re running your own website, it’s sure that you know about the importance of this.

How to increase Domain Authority?

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What you get when you have high Domain Authority?

First of all, you will have many chances to get high positions in SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Positions). Especially in SEO, when your sites or blogs have high domain authority and people are searching something about your site content, then Google or other search engines will show your site on the top or higher ranking than your competitors. This means that many more people will visit your site. And certainly, you will have a chance to get more potential customers for services that you’re offering or selling.

It’s not just traffic and customers. Domain Authority also helps in building your online presence becomes trust. This will drive the more potential audience to your site. And much more, your site will become worthier, more valuable and more beneficial to users. You’re building an online business brand so that the Domain authority factor is one of the prerequisite things that you need to focus on.

How to increase Domain Authority?

Here below I will introduce to you about some ways that can help you guys in increasing your site Domain authority.

1. Optimize On-page SEO

On-page SEO is one of the most important parts of SEO. You need to optimize them first in order to increase your Domain Authority. On-page SEO includes some factors such as Page titles, Meta descriptions, Meta tags, URL structure, Body tags, Keyword density, Image optimized and many other things on your site.

Internal Linking: This means that you do internal linking many similar pages on your site together. When your audience reading a useful article on your site and they find another quality article via a link on it, they stay longer on your site and continue to read that article. This internal linking will help you much in domain authority and SEO ranking.

2. High-Quality Content

If your site has much high-quality content, you will get many traffic as well as loyalty audience. If you want to increase domain authority, you need write more quality content to provide to your audience. They should be informative and beneficial to your audience too. Many people said that Content is King. That’s right, content is the key to increase domain authority.

3. High-Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are also the most important factor in SEO and in increasing domain authority. If you have many high-quality backlinks then you will have a higher chance to get high positions in search engine ranking. You will get high domain authority easier. Building high-quality backlinks by commenting on blogs, websites that are in the same market with your site. Or do submit or bookmarking your site on high-quality directories. Read more: 7 Ways to get Backlinks in order to Boost your Website Ranking

4. Website Speed

The speed of your site is very important to Google. If your site loads fast, Google considers that it is well optimized and give it a higher ranking. The fast website also has more chances to get traffic and audience. The drop off traffic will be decreased then you get better in SEO ranking and authority too. Read more: How to have Google index your blog or website speedily?

5. Profiles on Social Media

Social media signals are very important in search engine nowadays. It also helps in building domain authority. Your social ID will represent your online reputation. It’s great if you have an attractive profile and show that you’re professional. Hence your audience can keep in touch with you at any time. Moreover, if you have many followings on social media, your domain authority and ranking will increase. If you’re working on a specific market, you should join to and share quality content on some similar communities such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and much more. Publishing quality and informative content also help in increasing domain authority too.


If you want to get more traffic, increase search engine ranking as well as domain authority, you may try those tips above. If you have a high ranking, you will get more customers and revenue. Your domain authority helps you have high trust and online brand reputation.

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