19 Incredible Link-Building Tactics in 2019

19 Incredible Link-Building Tactics in 2019
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19 Incredible Link-Building Tactics in 2019

19 Incredible Link-Building Tactics in 2019

1. Build Links with the Skyscraper Technique

This technique is about picking popular pages, improving upon them, reaching out to those sites which linked to that pages and make them link to you. Undoubtedly, it is a great tactic to earn backlinks but, is demanding too.

Here we break down the process into some fundamental steps:

  1. Pick the keywords you want to target. If you are implementing the skyscraper technique, then the selection of link-worthy keywords is essential.
  2. Search for those keywords on Google and check which site ranks higher for them. Now you have found your strongest contender.
  3. Check that site’s content and think of the ways to revamp it. Assess areas which need improvements or is it better focusing on the strong points?
  4. Begin working to create outstanding content on your website.
  5. Search for those sites which link to your competitors. Use SEO tools available on the web like SEO SpyGlass for this purpose. Furthermore, look for those sites which are about to link themselves to your competitor soon.
  6. The final step of this technique – reach out to those sites’ owners via email. Send out emails and ask them to link to your new post.

The suitable way to ask for backlinks is to send a polite message. Word your text carefully and don’t ask for a link in a direct manner.

2. Broken Link-Building

Out of every link-building method, this one is amazing. You look for web pages relevant to your niche which don’t exist anymore or are linked to broken URLs. No webmaster wants to offer poor user experience and, that’s where you can earn backlinks by lending a helping hand. But, this could only be done when you have a relevant or same content to offer in replacement of their initially referred content.

If you find a site which contains broken links and you have a similar content to offer, then it would be great to reach out to that webmaster via email. It is highly possible that the webmaster allows you to replace the broken link to let his visitors see more up-to-date and valuable content. This approach will give you endless opportunities to build links and produce better results than any other method.

3. Offer Testimonials, Earn Backlinks

Leaving compelling customer testimonials on a company’s site will dramatically boost your SEO. Most companies show off their customer testimonials to make their target audience use the brand. It is one of the creative ways to do advertisement using its customers’ honest feedback. In this way, a customer testimonial plays a significant role in improving the site’s sales and earning a backlink. Some add links to their customers’ websites to give more credibility to the testimonials and, it becomes a winning situation for both the parties.

But, it is important to note that not every company follows this technique for link-building.

4. Recover Links that You Rightfully Deserve

Link recovering is the easiest and most famous thing in the SEO world. Generally, you see your name or URL mentioned on a site but, you need to take a step further by checking if that mention links back to your web page. Once you check it has a backlink or, you have something better to offer with the link, you should contact the blogger.

It is more likely to receive a positive response as the blogger has already liked your work enough and mentioned you on his blog. You can use this method when there is no backlink or, there is a broken page.

5. Boost Your Site’s SEO with Infographics

Infographics are best for link-building and continue to be extremely popular. Its design is entirely up to you as everyone has a different level of creativity. What comes next to designing is that you become ready to share it with the world. To make it shareable, you need to generate an embed code for your infographic and add that code to your site.

Once you publish it on your site, you have two different ways to build links:

  • Pitch the bloggers, especially those which you may have used as a source, with your infographic and offer to share a post for them.
  • Offer it to the infographic sharing sites. Possibly, you’ll need to pay every website for hosting your infographic and write background content for them.

6. Guest Posts for Other Websites

Guest posting is one of the most helpful tactics for link-building and generates website traffic. Good guest posts will probably never go out of fashion. This approach will remain in demand till there is a need for authentic and quality contribution.

There is a science behind the guest posting which should be understood well. To give the significant boost to your site, earn links from the top authorities and trusted domains as the low ones wouldn’t be beneficial. Also, link your site to the relevant industry websites to promote your content to the target audience.

7. Interview Industry Experts or Get Interviewed

When involved in an interview, seize the opportunity to benefit the readers as well as attract links to your content. The participation in an interview requires you to have a certain level of skills in your niche. Following are the 2 techniques with which you can earn high-quality links naturally:

  • When you are an interviewee ­– Getting interviewed requires significant finesse in your field. If you are more knowledgeable about what you do, then things are simple for you. But if you aren’t, then you need to find your industry fellows to leverage your relationships with them to get participation.
  • When you are an interviewer – Interviewing the knowledgeable people in your niche opens up the opportunities to educate the target audience with useful content and get backlinks as a result. Interview the leaders, make them invest more time by asking great questions and then they’ll do favors to you like linking the interview page to your site or conversely. Prepare a list of entrepreneurs in your field for further interviews and get ready to generate more traffic for your website.

8. Get Backlinks Using Product Reviews

There are many bloggers who create product reviews to help users learn about the features of the products. You can use this symbiotic connection between the brand and seller and drive your site’s traffic. It will be the best option for you to sell your product and trade it with a link.

But, the complication is that you cannot ask a blogger directly for a link in return of a product/service as it violates Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Thus, you need to be cautious when asking for a backlink. Offering a free product/service to a blogger increases the likelihood to get good coverage. Make a more indirect request through your email rather than directly asking for a favor. The bloggers are much intelligent to understand the meaning behind your actions. So, don’t worry!

9. Benefit Others and Earn Backlinks in Return

Freelancers from different niches can earn links as well as money. The reason behind mentioning money is that freelancing is all about making money online. Sadly, it’s impossible to ask or request for the backlinks bluntly. So, there is a smart technique to earn backlinks in exchange for a favor done to the webmaster.

Now, all you have to do is to help out the webmaster. Use your skills and provide any assistance from updating the content to fixing broken links. If you succeed in satisfying the webmaster’s needs, it’s valid to ask for the reward which could be even a simple thing. These helping acts will naturally get you links in return and build long-lasting relationships eventually.

10. Use HARO and Build Links

When your knowledgeable content gets published in some journalist’s articles, it indicates that you are no more a newcomer in your field. It isn’t a game-changer and won’t make you a hero in a matter of days but, will move you a step closer to become one. Even if you aren’t an expert, still you shouldn’t refuse a chance to get your work published. A novice or veteran, nobody would ever miss such opportunity to see its SEO rankings soar.

HARO or Help a Reporter Out is a service which helps experts in getting their content, skills, and sources published. You need to sign up as a source and respond to the email to gain high-quality backlinks. But, you should reply to the email quickly and answer all the queries in the request professionally. Plus, don’t forget to include your name, author biography, and the link to your site in your response.

11. Launch Scholarship Campaigns to Earn Backlinks

You can plan a financial support program for commendable university students. Just choose an institute, connect with its authorities, and present your scholarship proposal. They’ll highly appreciate your interest and, as a result, your site will be introduced with an external link on a .edu domain. Now, which webmaster wouldn’t want to do link-building in such a great way? I believe, none!

Clearly, before contacting the university, you need to prepare your scholarship program. Out of various nuances, you must consider the following ones to establish such a campaign:

  • The theme of the campaign
  • Participation criteria
  • Selection process
  • The reward for the winners
  • Nice stewardship

Other than these, there is also a need to insert a page on your site which covers the scholarship campaign. Although this technique is much time- and effort-consuming than others, still the massive increase in the site’s traffic makes it deserving.

12. Hold Interesting Contests to Publicize Your Website

There are different tactics and techniques which revitalizes your website. From which the most powerful one is to run various types of contests or events on your site. These contests will interest your audience greatly and, as a result, there will be a potential increase in brand awareness. You should understand your audience’s needs and make everybody feel like number one rather than selecting a specific winner. It will turn out to be a smart marketing campaign which will exponentially increase its success.

Not all contests and competitions on the blogs end with prizes and giveaways. Mostly, the participants of the competition get the reward equivalent to some enticing posters and banners and authorities. Although, to bring heat into the contest, offer the participants some great physical reward. But, this entirely depends on the nature of your competition and the audience’s preferences.

13. Make Your Website Content Go Viral

There are different types of content available on the website that receives plenty of links, from which the viral content take-over, the Internet entirely. Now, what makes content contagious is that a higher number of people consider web a source of amusement. Therefore, sharing content over the Internet that targets high-arousal emotions grabs the attention of more people and increases the likelihood of people sharing the site’s link with others. Benefit your website from this fact and insert some viral content to earn more links.

Following are some examples of content which can build links to your website:

  • Breaking news
  • Interesting pictures & videos
  • Inspirational stories
  • Trending & Comic content
  • Amusing facts
  • Quizzes
  • Surveys
  • Infographics

14. SEO Events and Meetups

Getting opportunities to speak at big events clearly shows that you are a star in your niche. It is a fabulous opportunity for people to help their business make real-world connections.

Whether it is a local meetup or a big event, the speakers are mentioned with external links on the host’s sites. It is one of the easiest ways to help your SEO and link-building. And, to drive more traffic to your site, you may also invite some famous bloggers to attend that event. There is a possibility that your competitors aren’t following this approach, so its high time to set yourself apart from others.

15. Provide Your Content to Blogs for a Link Roundup

Several blogs on the Internet collect links to those articles and posts which have been published lately and include them in the purposeful posts at various times in a week or month. And, even sometimes they put on a daily basis when there is a mammoth influx of content. It is not necessary that they include their content always. Many times, these blogs add links to articles and posts of other websites which shows relevance to other links in the section. This entire process is known as a link round-up and ensures nice referral traffic for the linked sites.

However, it is the blogger who decides whether they link to a site’s content or not. Convincing the link roundup-running webmasters through your content is the main thing. It is quite simple which requires you to add up-to-date and absorbing content on your site and look around for a website that does link roundups in your niche. Once you find a website, you need to connect with the blogger via email and inquire about the blog’s next roundup. Another way would be to do a link roundup by yourself and associate other people’s sites with it.

16. Beware! Your News Can Create Conflicts

This method is considered to be most difficult for link-building as you can hardly control it. Nobody knows, except for few, that what future holds for them and whether it’s going to be something good or not. When you become more popular, there’s so little you can do like only letting the things unfold in their way.  However, nobody misses a chance to tittle-tattle and discuss exciting topics generally. And when they do this over the Internet, it sometimes causes disputes and disagreements and, there could be a possibility that your links created it.

17. Share Research Material

Good content is always necessary to engage the readers. To interest more people, you should publish valuable content on a regular basis. Focus on your niche and understand your target audience’s needs. Post content such as research reports, case studies, and surveys which exhibits your knowledge, adds value or solves the issues. Your site will become a research center for your field when you start posting such content there. This move will surely establish your expertise and garner more valuable backlinks.

18. Blog and Forum Commenting

For years, commenting on blogs and forums has been a valuable way for link-building. Leaving an insightful and thoughtful comment on a post certainly gets you inbound links as well as improve your brand visibility.

Firstly, you need to find several high-quality blogs and forums relevant to your niche. A simple Google search pulls numerous blog and forum sites’ links. But, you should only go for high-authority and highly-relevant sites to build your site reputation. Also, make use of different tools to find relevant blogs and forums.

Sign up on a site and become a regular commenter. This approach has been misused by many, so you should leave sophisticated comments on the posts if you don’t want to damage your site’s rankings. If you do this strategically, there are more chances for you to draw the attention of the target audience to your site.

19. Ask Your Acquaintances for Links

Undoubtedly, link-building is crucial to progress when it comes to organic rankings. In your SEO career, you get to know several bloggers, media people, journalists, etc. and sometimes build a friendly relationship with them. There is nothing wrong if someday you want to take advantage of that friendship to improve your site’s SEO.

Instead of asking strangers for a favor, there are more chances to receive a positive response from people you know. You can ask your acquaintances to let you share relevant content on their blogs or mention you somewhere. Use your network to earn backlinks and, you’ll see a big jump in your site’s traffic eventually.

Good luck to you,

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