How to Have Google Index Your Blog or Website Speedily?

How to Have Google Index Your Blog or Website Speedily?
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How to Have Google Index Your Blog or Website Speedily?

How to have Google index your blog or website speedily? Any when creating a new website or blog, you surely want your site to get people attention. The best way for people to find your site is to use Google or Bing search engine. Therefore, you have to make sure that Google indexed your website, which means Google listed your site in search result list.

Generally, Google uses Google Bots to collect data from your website and adds it to Google Index. It sometimes takes time, especially for new sites.

As a blogger or webmaster, you will want your website to be indexed by Google as soon as possible. In this blog, I will show you how to do it just within 24 hours or less. (how to have Google index your blog?)

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1. Does your site have Google indexed?

Before going ahead, I advise you should check the index status of your site. Go to and type “” in the search box. If there is no result return then your website has no index (absolutely except for blacklist or sandbox).

1.1 Example with my site “


1.2. What is Google crawling and indexing?

The terms such as crawling and indexing seem to be quite strange for newbies.

  • Crawling is the process by which Googlebot discovers new and updated pages to be added to the Google index. They use a huge set of computers to fetch (or “crawl”) billions of pages on the web. The program that does the fetching is called Googlebot (also known as a robot, bot, or spider) (Source: Google support)
  • Indexing is the processing of the information gathered by the Googlebot from its crawling activities. Once documents are processed, they are added to Google’s searchable index if they are determined to be quality content. During indexing, the Googlebot processes the words on a page and where those words are located. (Source: Kissmetrics’ Blog)

The problem is how to make Google Bots find your blog or website? Google Bots can discover new websites by sitemap and links. That means if Google Bots find your website’s links on any other sites, it will collect data and send to Google Indexer.

2. How to make Google index data fast?

Now let’s see how to help Google Bots find your website fast. Below is some useful suggestion which will also help you have in considerable traffic.

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2.1. Submit sitemap to GWT and Submit URL site to Google

Google Search Console (previously Google Webmaster Tools) is a no-charge web service by Google for webmasters. It allows webmasters to check indexing status and optimize visibility of their websites. … Check and set the crawl rate, and view statistics about when Googlebot accesses a particular site. (Source: Wiki)

The first thing to do is verifying the ownership of your website with GWT then submits your sitemap to GWT. If you do not know about sitemap, here are some useful info for you. A sitemap is an XML file including all page URLs, blogs, columns, and etc on your website. It helps Google Bots to get info and index your site easily. sitemap
Together with GWT, I recommend you to set up Google Analytics for your site because it helps you to keep track of traffic to your website.

One more thing you can do is to submit your site URL to Google. Although a lot of people think that it is not really helpful, I suggest you should. It just takes a little time. Access to Submit URL, enter URL and captcha code, and click on “Submit Request“ button.

google submit url

2.2. Add your site to social network accounts and verify Google Authorship

All social networks allow you to add website link in profile. All you need to do is edit profile and add your website link. Popular social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc. will help you introduce it to your friends and earn more traffic.

Next, you need to verify Google+ Authorship. It will help display author name in search results by Google.

And the important thing is not to forget to create social accounts for your website. It will help connect the website to readers. It will also help bots to find your site easily.

2.3. Update WordPress ping list. Manual Ping is also helpful

Ping helps you inform search tools that your website is updated. WordPress has a default ping service. When you publish a new article on the website, WordPress will auto-inform ping websites.

To update ping list, access to WordPress Dashboards => Settings => Writing, scroll down and you can see ping list in Update Services column. Now, you can add ping webs to your link. ping services
2.4. Commenting is the easiest way to build backlinks

One of the best ways to get high-ranking in search result list is to build high-quality backlinks. Now forget to rank, our work is to find how to have Google index your blog fastest.

Backlinks are incoming hyperlinks from one web page to another website. And when you have a hyperlink on other websites, blogs, forums. Your site gets a chance to be collected by Google Bots through links. Finally, Google definitely will index your website. These are the best way to build backlinks:

  • Becoming a coordinator for famous websites, blogs, forums.
  • Commenting on other blogs/ websites.
  • Posting on online forums, Yahoo Answer…
  • Sharing articles on social networks.
  • Writing high-quality articles in order others guys will link back to your website.

2.5. Submit your site to bookmarking sites, blog community

As I said, Google Bots often finds out your website through links, so all you need to do is to try to insert a link in some popular websites. Here are some websites that you can use to make your blog go viral.

  • Bookmarking sites: submit your site to bookmark sites like Delicious and StumbleUpon, Digg
  • Blog directories: submit your site to sites like Technorati and Blogcatalog.
  • Website stats program: there are some archive websites store your domain history on them. You can use IMT Website submitter to send your site to these websites.

If you carry on the above steps, your blog/website will be indexed within 24 hours. Once your website is indexed, you will start to get traffic from search engine. That is so great! If you have any other strategy to get Google index faster, let share it!

Good luck to you,

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