Top 19 Website Speed Test Tools to Test Your Website and Blog

Top 19 Website Speed Test Tools to Test Your Website and Blog
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Top 19 Website Speed Test Tools to Test Your Website and Blog

Website speed test tools are online tools or services that help you to check your site speed. As you know that, the website’s speed is one of the important factors in Google’s algorithm now. Your website’s speed decides how long or how frequently the visitors stay on your website. If you have a fast-loading site or blog then you have a better chance to rank higher in the SERPs. So that, you will get more visitors as well as leads, customers. People come to your site and quickly find the content or things they want. They’re likely to read more and stay longer.

Top 19 Website Speed Test Tools

Certainly, the faster the better

1. Problems to analyze

There are many factors that many website speed test tools focus on when they do a test on your site. They help you to analyze them and also give you many useful pieces of advice. Some problem they will do when running a test.

  • They test your site’s speed on different browsers like Chrome, Firefox, IE,…
  • They analyze the page sizes and its loading time
  • Analyzes the loading time for mobile users
  • They find loading time issues caused by any scripts, plugins or web fonts
  • They find and check the performance as well as images size reducing the page speed

In this article, I will introduce to you guys about 19 website speed test tools to test your site and blog. Especially when you’re using WordPress CMS.

2. Top 19 Website Speed Test Tools to Test Your Website, Blog

2.1. Google PageSpeed Insights

Top 19 Website Speed Test Tools - Google PageSpeed Insights

Google PageSpeed Insights is the most popular free speed test tool from Google. They help you to analyze and give possible optimizations for your site, for both mobile and desktop versions.

Some possible optimizations such as

  • Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content
  • Leverage browser caching
  • Optimize images
  • Minify JavaScript
  • Avoid landing page redirects
  • Enable compression
  • Minify CSS
  • Minify HTML

And many other problems causing your site loading time.

They have a score ranges from 0 to 100 points. If you have a score of 85 or higher, that means your site is performing well. A higher score is better.

2.2. Google Mobile Website Speed Testing Tool

Top 19 Website Speed Test Tools - Google Mobile Website Speed Testing Tool

This is also a popular free website speed test tool from Google and Google Mobile Website Speed Testing Tool is designed specifically for mobile testing only. They will show you the score (in second) called Speed Index. And this index shows you how long the visible content of your page takes to appear using Chrome on a Moto G4 device within a 3G network.

They also give you the Est. Visitor loss (Due to loading time) by percent. That means your visitors will leave your site as a result of waiting for more than 4 seconds for it to load

After the test, they advise you some top fixes like

  • Renderblocking JS
  • Leverage caching
  • Optimize images
  • Try Accelerated Mobile Pages

2.3. Pingdom

Top 19 Website Speed Test Tools - Pingdom

Pingdom is a world-leading monitoring website service. They do a full page test of your site for free. Besides of that they have some subscription packages that can help you to check the uptime, monitor the real user, as well as alert you something wrong via your email, SMS or in-app notifications

Pingdom also classifies the content size and the number of requests by content and domain, with 4 characteristics below

  • Content size by content type
  • Content size by domain
  • Requests by content type
  • Requests by domain

They also filter the file requests of your site in a waterfall view. There are many filters that you can use to short like Load order, File size, File type, URL and Load time. This will give you different perspectives for identifying potential improvements

2.4. GTMetrix

Top 19 Website Speed Test Tools - GTMetrix

GTMetrix is another popular speed testing web application. This is a suite of online tools to analyze the performance of your site so that you can know the way to optimize it. This site has a score ranges from A to F, As scores are always better than Fs scores. It’s also the best Pingdom alternative

The tool divides the analysis into 6 tabs below

  • PageSpeed – This tab shows you the data from Google PageSpeed score ranging from 1 to 100. The score of above 85 indicates that your site is performing well.
  • YSlow – This is the Yahoo’s Speed Analyser and is using in Bing search results since Yahoo & Bing have agreements
  • Waterfall – This tab displays the chart in waterfall showing your site loading behavior
  • Timings – This tab shows you the time each page is taking to load.
  • Video – This tab records a video of your page loading where the stoppages occur.
  • History – This page stores the comparison between your previous tests (you need an account to do this)

2.5. WebPageTest

Top 19 Website Speed Test Tools-WebPageTest

WebPageTest is an opensource project created by a Chrome engineer working at Google. This tool allows you to test your site’s speed for free using a real browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE,…). You can also choose the location from many places on the world from Asia, Oceania to Africa.

WebPageTest runs 3 tests to give you the report. You can also choose some advanced options such as the connection type to test like Cable, DSL, 2G, 3G or even 56K Dial-Up,…, a number of tests to run, Repeat view, Capture View and many other features to choose.

3. Some other website speed test tools that you may need

Good luck to you,

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