How and Why Would You Transfer Your Domain Name to GoDaddy?

How and Why Would You Transfer Your Domain Name to GoDaddy?
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How and Why Would You Transfer Your Domain Name to GoDaddy?

As time goes by, everyone changes their minds. From a great many changes, we will be discussing one in this article. Not unexpectedly, we are talking about changing your domain registrar. That’s a nice way of putting into words that you wish to move your domain from one to another company.

Possibly, not too many people are in the know about that such a thing can happen. While some people have got no clue how to move a domain name.

Why to transfer domain to godaddy

Now, it’s the best time to stop contemplating and continue looking through this article. In this article, we will discuss all facets of domain transfers. We will be focusing on how to transfer a domain, why there is a need for transfer, and why GoDaddy proves to be the best new home when a domain name is transferred.

1. What Does a Domain Name Transfer Mean?

A domain name transfer refers to the process of changing the domain service provider, from one registrar to another. Note that this isn’t a process of changing the holding — you continue to be the registrant (owner), no matter who the registrar is. On transferring a domain name, you are just picking another company to assist you in handling your registration and its settings.

Consider it as you are switching the cell phone carriers. In this particular scenario, you have the same old phone and number, but you use a different company’s system. To have more information about the “three R’s” of the domain world, take a moment and give this post a going-over.

2. Why there is a Need to Change the Domain Registrars?

How much should you spend on a domain name

In the domain world, there are so many registrars. Each having different resources, features, and limitations, that provides unique correlated products like email and hosting, and offers services at different prices. Certainly, these differences lead many to wonder how to move their domain names.

With every shopping venture, it’s necessary to stabilize the cost, standard, and satisfaction while selecting the registrars.

There are some companies that provide dirt cheap or free domains, but gives you no control over your DNS. However, some companies offer low-cost linked products, but they cost an arm and a leg for the domains, or provides limited and sometimes no support for the linked products.

In drawing things to a close, everything in your life changes with the passing time. It is possible that your favorite company has changed their policies and costs. Perhaps you had some disagreements with their support staff or, maybe you are offered with more interesting deals elsewhere. Above all, we have to keep our domain budgets in focus.

These issues are told to GoDaddy’s support department when people make domain transfer requests. With market-leading load times, excellent security, 24/7 expert tech support, affordable domain prices, and a full correlated products suite including Microsoft Office 365 and WordPress Hosting, GoDaddy is the perfect choice when you’re all set to move your domain name.

3. How to Move Your Domain Name to GoDaddy

Both former and new registrar makes significant contributions while you move your domain name. The former registrar helps to verify that your domain is unlocked and gives the green light for transfer. Also, they give authorization code for the transfer.

As soon as you have it, buy a domain name transfer from the GoDaddy. Don’t get stressed as they normally compensate for the fee with the free time on the registration duration. They give both the transaction ID and security code to show that the service was bought.

After obtaining these authorization codes, simply enter them into the GoDaddy’s Incoming Transfer Dashboard without worrying about the rest of the things. Domain name transfers may take up to seven days to finish. Still, you don’t have to stay attentive throughout the entire procedure. Upon the successful completion of the transfer, GoDaddy notifies you via your email.

To read the step-by-step instructions on how to transfer a domain name, take a look at this helpful article or check out the video:

4. Transfer your domain name to GoDaddy

The transfer procedure of domain name to GoDaddy isn’t really difficult. You will need to perform a few actions with your present registrar and some with the GoDaddy.

Note: You will not be entitled to move a domain for the duration of 60 days after the occurrence of the below events:

  • Registering/transferring a domain name
  • Updating the registrant contact’s First/Last Name and Organization is not entered
  • Updating the registrant contact’s Organization

Read more: What you need to know about Domain name transfer?

Important: It is mandatory to add the DNS Hosting to your domain before the transfer process starts for handling your DNS zone files and nameservers at GoDaddy throughout and after the transfer session. And, if you decide not to add the DNS Hosting, you need to make identical versions of all the DNS zone files and nameservers from your present registrar prior to the start of the transfer process. Then, you need to wait till the transfer process completion to non-automatically update every file.

4.1. Perform these steps with your present registrar:

  1. Unlock your domain name.
  2. Obtain the authorization code, also called an EPP code or transfer key, from your present registrar.
  3. Verify contact details: Make sure that the manager’s contact details are authentic. This email address might be used by your former registrar to connect with you during the transfer process.

Note: The complete transfer details are delivered to the registrant contact’s email address for every .au domain.

  1. Remove the Protected Registration: In case you have added the Protected Registration service, you’ll need to remove it. For further details, you can confirm with your former registrar.

4.2. Perform all of the steps below at GoDaddy:

  1. Buy a domain name transfer from the GoDaddy website. You’ll be notified by Godaddy staff if the extension is not available for the transfer.

Note: In case you have paid for the .uk, or .se domain name transfer, you can read through their corresponding About articles if you require further transfer instructions.

  1. As soon as you pay for the transfer, you’ll be made to Unlock the domain and Get authorization code. You need to enter the code in the empty space provided and keep following the prompts to finish the process.

Note: The transfer process may take up to 10 days to complete.

4.3. What Happens to Your Website and Emails?

On transferring your domain name from one registrar to another, take note of which correlated products comes with that domain. Most of the data won’t automatically shift between the companies, and in reality, it is completely possible that you will have your domain with one company and correlated services with the other company.

It is expected that your site and emails encounter nominal to no inactiveness during the transfer process.

And, if you wish to access every product under the same place, be familiar with the procedure that moves items including hosting plans, email backups, etc. from one company to another. For your assistance, GoDaddy’s quality tech staff is always available to guide you on shifting your existing products or to begin once more with a different item that best suits your needs.

5. Don’t Lose Time, Simply Shift to GoDaddy

As you have become quite knowledgeable about the transfer of your domain name, you are on your way now to open an arena of limitless chances, potential, and flexibility. The realization of the versatility of your web presence is the best way to make sure that you are always associated with a company that is available to help you out at all times.

Why would anybody go for a second-best option when they have GoDaddy’s topnotch customer support and avant-garde technology present around them? Several million professional working people and entrepreneurs have placed their trust in GoDaddy when it comes to their business requirements. And at this moment in time, you can witness a huge shift of people from other providers to GoDaddy. You can get Godaddy transfer coupon here

So, what are you waiting for? Jump in and become a part of this great shift to see what future holds for you and your business when you are partnered with the top domain registrar of the globe.

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