Aged Domains and 5 Important Things You Should Know About

Aged Domains and 5 Important Things You Should Know About
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Aged Domains and 5 Important Things You Should Know About

Aged Domains and 5 important things you should know about. These kinds of domain names are typically sold for more money than a new one is because it has consisted of a long time. It usually avoids the Google Sandbox algorithm.

And especially for those who are looking for aged domain names, they can help people in developing an existing online business or credibility in their niche markets. Simply because if one domain has been around for years, it appears that they have as well.

Aged Domains and 5 Important Things You Should Know

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1. Aged Domains – What are they?

Domain names that have already been registered and never dropped are called “Aged Domains”.

Many aged domains can also be found easily and simply on markets like Godaddy, Sedo or Flippa. You can find them by typing the keywords “Aged Domains” or “old domains” into the browser’s search bar. And the results will include these older domain names.

I have purchased dozens of domain names for $40 or less that were anywhere from 5 – 10 years old. Just based on the age alone I was able to flip these domain names for over 5x what I paid. Read more: Top 15 places to sell your Domain names easily and quickly

For example, I purchased one domain name that was never used, that means it had never featured a website on it and have no any content. It just sat parked in the users account for over six years. I purchased this domain for only $30.00 and sold it for $379.00 due to its age. That’s quite a boost in profit from a domain I paid so little for.

There is no exact formula as to what type of domain names will ultimately be worth the most. Apart from the obvious short and memorable domain names, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Read more: How to sell your Domain name successfully with 5 tips

2. The future development potential of aged domains

When analyzing the available domain, you should consider what each domain name could represent and be used for. It’s when creating a website or a brand presence.

An example of which is whether the domain name is one that could represent a brand, product title, or better served as a personal portfolio, a social community, a directory or perhaps a forum.

While the purpose of the domain name will unlikely match your ideas when it is sold. By thinking of a clear purpose for each domain name will not only help you make sound choices during the selection process but can also be included in the domain auction, as a way of passing on the ideas to prospective buyers who are considering the purchase.

3. Five important things you should know about

3.1. The Domain name’s length

The length of a domain name, it can not be said enough. Apart from the odd occurrence where you locate a lengthy domain name that still carries with it, a memory element. Most of the domain names you purchase should be relatively short, basically consisting of two words.

3.2. Trademark issues about aged domains

You should avoid registering any domain names that could infringe upon the trademark of existing brands or companies. Whether or not you believe that the company will take action or not should not be considered.

The last thing you don’t want is to purchase a domain name that is unable to be sold due to buyers being cautious or concerned of building a website on it that ends up being seized by a company wishing to protect their identity.

3.3. Relevant / Popular keywords

Does the domain name contain popular keywords that are used by those seeking out more information in search engines? If so, your domain name just increased its value instantly. More and more people are searching for that domain name keywords, it has more value and money when selling.

3.4. Existing traffic on aged domains

If you are purchasing aged domains or recently expired domains, you maybe want to determine whether there is existing traffic to the website or not, thus increasing its value immensely.

The organic or natural traffic sent directly from search engines is the best kind. However, backlinks from other websites are also very important to potential buyers.

An easy way to know the number of backlinks, as well as page rank and other important factors, is by visiting where you can put in domain names and retrieve useful data relating to the name itself.

When it’s time to register your domain names, you can use any registrar that you wish.

Personally, I use and, a favorite among the domain buyers and sellers. Regardless of the registrar you choose, you will want to make sure that you park them on service sites such as Godaddy or Sedo so that you are able to generate revenue while you are preparing to sell the domain itself.

3.5. Spelling and Pronunciation

Is the domain name easy to spell and say aloud? If your customer were to purchase the domain and build a business with this name, would they be able to easily brand it?

For example, domain names with double letters such as may often be mistaken for Just the same, domains with odd spellings, hyphens or numbers would have to be clearly spelled out or explained when someone is attempting to promote their website through word of mouth, rather than in print.

Consider this when registering domain names, and make sure that the names you choose will not be mistaken or misspelled by potential customers of yours, as well as the person who ultimately purchases it from you, otherwise it will experience a significant loss in perceived value.

Aged Domains and 5 Important Things You Should Know

When choosing your domain names, there will be many factors that come into play.

The type of audience you are catering to, the auction sites you are featuring them on, the price range you are expecting and so on.

There is no formula to do this, and you will learn to become a better domain evaluator (and purchaser) from hands-on experience. Using the guideline above, however, will help you maximize your efforts and minimize your costs (and losses).

4. Here are some recommended domain registrars

Read more: Top 10 Best places to buy your Domain name from

Good luck to you,

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