What is a Premium Domain Name? – By eCoupon.io

What is a Premium Domain Name? – By eCoupon.io
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What is a Premium Domain Name?

When you’re searching for a perfect domain to run your business and to present your brand online, you may see many nice domains with very high price, from $xxx to $xxx and even to $xxx.xxx. They’re called premium domains. The majority of premium domain names have a .COM extension. However, there’re also many others with .NET, .ORG, .BIZ or INFO extensions that meet the premium requirements and appropriate for many organizations and businesses

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1. So what is a premium domain name?

Premium domain names (or premium domains) are domain names with high quality and worthy. They have been registered by a company or a guy and now they’re available for sale in the domain market with a premium price, usually from hundreds to thousands of dollars. The price is based on the marketability of many factors such as traffic, age, spelling, branding or economic trends,…

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2. What are their benefits?

When you have a premium domain then you’re owning a gold mine. You can use it to develop your own online business or just simply flip it with the higher price. Because of their price, worthy and quality, premium domains always have these benefits below:

  • Have the amount of traffic: Premium domains usually receive hundreds or even thousands of traffic daily. Especially for generic domains.
  • Easy to remember: Usually they’re very easy to remember due to it’s nice, dictionary or exact match keyword.
  • Easy to spell: It’s short, brandable or dictionary word so it’s very easy to spell and pronounce
  • Have better brand image: Premium domains convey an image of prestige and added credibility, that has a better chance to increase sales or leads
  • Better in SERPs: Many EMDs (exact match premium domains) have a better chance to get on top positions in search engine ranking with the keyword they contain.
  • Market trend & Investment potential: You can invest in a trending premium domain in a specific market and then resell it later with a higher price for a profit.

Nowadays, premium domain names are more and more expensive than new regular domains. So that if you feel those premium domains may be the right choice for your business, then you should grab it now!

3. Where to buy a Premium Domain Name?

There’re many ways for you to grab a premium domain you choose. You can contact directly to the domain owner to offer a deal. Find their information via Whois search and in most cases, you can get that info. Another way is buying via a domain broker, they will help you to contact the owner and handle the deal for you.

However, the easiest way now is buying via some largest domain markets such as Godaddy auction, Name market, Namecheap market. At these places, usually, you just need to place a bid/ or a fixed price to buy the premium domain you choose. The market or domain registrar will do the rest for you, such as transfer the domain to your registrar or change the owner information to you.

Buying a premium domain name usually costs you a lot of money, so you need to be very careful before doing so.

  • Visit Godaddy Auction here
  • Visit Namecheap Market here
  • Visit Name Market here

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