Top 10 Best Domain Name Parking Services

Top 10 Best Domain Name Parking Services
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Top 10 Best Domain Name Parking Services

The domain name is the address given to your website. For instance, This will appear on the internet for anyone who needs to visit your website.

Top 10 Best Domain Name Parking Services

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You will need to buy a domain through a domain name registrar to establish your presence on the internet. Often, a lot of time is needed to get progress on the website. So, what are you’re required to do with the purchased domains that you have?

1. What is meant by Park Your Domain Name?

This is where the establishment of domains becomes a reality. Similar to parking a car in parking lot, domain name parking services create an avenue for you to store your domain for future use. Interestingly you will still earn money while your domains are parked.

The advertisements such as PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ads will fully be catered for your domains by domain parking services. All you need is to park your domain names at no charges. Nevertheless, the parking revenue will be split 50/50 or 60/40 depending on the company.

Parking with a good domain parking service for your keyword and generic domains those attract traffic naturally. And then, your aim is to make money. However, it will be possible if your domain name is pleasing.

Below are questions mostly asked about domain name parking:

  • Which domain parking services are preferred mostly?
  • Do parked domains bring cash?
  • Can I park for free my domain names?

You will find basic knowledge and links to 10 of the best domain name parking services. This article also has information on parking domains without paying a single cent and own domain parking software. Revenue will be a shared between you and the domain parking services.

2. Cash in from Parking Your Domains

It is possible to get some bucks with domain name parking. How much you earn depends on the quantity and quality of domain names you possess. Also, optimized search engines and traffic attracted domain names will be a determining factor. If you understand this at the start, you will have a greater possibility to cash in.

3. Share Revenues for Free Parking

Parking domain names are free for most services but revenue cost will be shared. The process is easy, simply sign up for the parking service you prefer, follow their steps and submit your domain names.

You will have to change your NS (Name Server) from your domain registrar to the domain parking service. Just visit the parking company you registered and do this.

4. Own a Parking software for Your Domain

Some people park their undeveloped domain names with domain parking services. Unfortunately, they hardly make any money. Domain parking companies have parking software that controls domain names. Strive to take full control of the kind of advertisements on your domains. They use the parking software to deprive you of the total amount of money you should get.

You will receive 100% of the revenue if you become dependent.

5. Receive 100% Revenue from Parking Own Domains

If you are uneasy with splitting the revenue with domain parking services, simply go for your own parking software. Parking software is used to monetize and park your domain names. This grants them a chance to control the income you receive. Having access to your own domain parking script enables you to monetize your many undeveloped domain names. Now you have direct operations on eBay, Amazon, Google Adsense, Associates, CJ, CPAlead, MaxBounty, Clickbank and many more platforms of advertising. You will have a direct payment. Get rid of the middlemen who take that chance to steal your money.

6. Top 10 Best Domain Name Parking Services

6.1. SmartName

SmartName has stood out among the rest and termed as one of the best domain name parking services. It offers a wide variety of services and tools to aid in monetizing a parked domain name.

6.2. ParkingCrew

This platform ParkingCrew was established by domainers themselves to serve the interest of many professional domainers. Best monetization services are offered if you get low-quality services from other service providers.

6.3. DomainSponsor

DomainSponsor has been in existence since 2002 and has 15 years of experience in domain monetization (and still counting). They can really assist you in your domain names monetization.

6.4. ParkLogic

ParkLogic is a domain property administration service formed to give professional domain name owners sophisticated domain administration and optimization basis for their crucial assets, domain names.

6.5. DomainApps

To maximize your revenue using DomainApps since it’s a new easy way to customize your domain names. You will get the most out of your customizations because DomainApps interface is to aid in site development or making money.

6.6. Dopa

Dopa was created in 2005 as a domain name parking company. They monetize over 5 million domain names for it publisher associates and has over 100 million new visitors monthly.

6.7. InternetTraffic

Frank Schilling’s internet is a domain parking company where experienced publishers from around the world and languages can park and convert their domain names. InternetTraffic aids you to get cash since its run by a professional domainer with the largest portfolio in the web.

6.8. RookMedia

This you must consider because it has numerous years in the domain industry making it achieve loads of experience. According to, Rookmedia is the first in parking services in the year 2012.

6.9. Bodis

For your undeveloped domain name, use Bodis as another domain name parking system. You earn more money since it boasts higher revenue rate than any other company. It provides 20 different languages for keywords and emblements templates. This feature makes Bodis outdo the rest domain parking industries.

6.10. Trafficz

With just a little effort required, TrafficZ offers the cutting-margin technology for domain name owners. It also analyses and maximizes returns on domain name investing.

7. Conclusion

Finally, all companies above are considered to be the best domain name parking services. However, you are going to make a judgment on which satisfies fully your needs.

Good luck to you,

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