Must have plugins for every WordPress website at WPEka

Must have plugins for every WordPress website at WPEka
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As prevalent as it is, plugins are the substantial aspects of WordPress. Since they are meant to extend the capabilities of this widely used platform, they can be used in several effective ways to generate proper results.

wordpress plugins at wpeka

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However, with a plethora of options available out there, choosing the right set of plugins for a newly developed WordPress website becomes an exhausting job, right? Although you have the liberty to download and activate as many plugins as you want, if they don’t provide you satisfactory output, your efforts will go in vain.

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That being said, here is the list of top 10 must have WordPress plugins that you must use for your WordPress website. Have a read!

Top 10 must have WordPress plugins at WPEka

1. WPLegalPages plugin

WordPress plugins WPLegalPages


A website without appropriate legal pages can be attacked from all possible ways. If you were thinking of not having legal pages on the website will have no negative impact, it’s time to change your perception and choose the legal road.

For a business website, there is a variety of legal pages that should be published to maintain the level of transparency between your customers and business. And, this one plugin will make the process of publishing legal pages easier.

WPLegalPages come with a myriad of pre-designed legal templates that have been developed under the guidance of knowledgeable lawyers. These easy to install templates can be customized and edited as per the requirements. And then, this plugin is even responsive to different devices; hence, even your mobile users can comprehend and understand your policies easily.

2. WP-Answers plugin

WordPress plugins WP-Answers-WordPres


If you are intrigued by question and answers forums, like Stack Overflow, Yahoo answers, and Quora, this comprehensible plugin will help you build one on your own. This simple and fully-featured plugin allows you to transform your website into an answer community forum.

Not just you can allow them to answer but ask questions accordingly as well. This one plugin makes it easier to set titles, assign categories, add descriptions, and fix keywords. However, you would have to approve users first to allow them to answer on the forum.

WP-Answers even comprises several kinds of themes. Hence, you can easily select the one that would blend with the style of your website. Since they are editable, you can adjust dimensions, rows, and use different styles and keep your visitors hooked.

3. Collage Maker plugin

WordPress plugins Collage Maker


Undoubtedly, visual media is one of the effective ways to attract more visitors and compel them to convert into loyal customers. However, when you upload multiple images at once, not just it all looks chaotic but can even consume unnecessary space on the website.

In such a situation, this Collage Maker plugin can be your rescuer. This plugin lets you create a variety of responsive photo collages that can be displayed or embed anywhere on the website. You can use shortcodes to give a different look to each of the colleges.

Along with 30+ layout designs and different styles of photo collages, this plugin even gives you the liberty to edit and customize them as per your own requirements. Further, you can even take images from external sources, like Pinterest, Instagram, and more platforms.

4. WPAdCenter plugin

WordPress plugins WP Ad Center


Right from creating to monitoring, the entire process of online Ads can be a bit clumsy. Hence, to provide you with relief from this mess, WPAdCenter is one plugin that is here to help you in controlling and monitoring every factor of advertisement generation on the website.

The Ad Zones feature of this plugin makes it easier to display banner ads on the site. Either you can put one single banner ad or can showcase several of them at once; Ad Zones can handle everything. And then, you can even create multiple Ad Zones as per the requirement.

Moreover, you can even experiment by creating infinite campaigns to figure out the one that would create an effective impact and generate more results. Taking away the manual efforts, this plugin lets you put a start and end date on the campaigns.

5. WPAuctionSoftware plugin

WordPress plugins WPAuctionSoftware


Auction websites are gaining a lot of attention and exposure these days. Not just they are capable of generating high traffic but can even churn out a good profit. So, if you are thinking to join the league, WPAuctionSoftware is the plugin to bet upon.

Being a powerful and responsive plugin, it lets you create a website exactly like eBay auctioning. For every list submitted on the website, you can even put a price for that. It gives you an option to either keep the submissions on auto approval or approve them manually.

And then, with WPAuctionSoftware, you can even create invoices. Whenever somebody sells an item on your website, you can automatically send them the generated invoice, consisting terms of payment and the link to make the payment.

6. WPRaffle plugin

WordPress plugins WPRaffle


Regardless of the techniques and tricks that you use to attract your audience, providing them something valuable in return to their time is always effective. And, for that, you can try organizing giveaways and other kinds of offers on the website.

To streamline the entire process of organizing these valuable deals, WPRaffle is the WordPress plugin that will help you at every step. With this plugin, you can create different ways to participate in contests. Right from liking a page to following an account, you’ll get several options.

And then, you can even integrate this plugin with email software, such as MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Aweber, and the other similar ones. In this way, you can increase your subscribing list seamlessly.

7. WP Local Plus plugin

WordPress plugins WPlocalplus


Believe it or not, business directories can bring humongous profit to businesses across the world. And, the importance of these directory listing hasn’t faded yet. Several business owners look for easy-to-list directories for their businesses.

So, if you wish to create one, WP Local Plus is the plugin you should be using for this process. It can easily create local communities for a variety of businesses, such as carpenters, bakers, and more. This plugin lets you provide on-point and profound information of businesses to a wide range of audience.

And the best part about this plugin is that it auto-generates listings; hence, it wouldn’t compel you to put in manual efforts. You can even display the latest deals and discounts offered by businesses to improve the listing and to attract more people.

8. SEOBreeze plugin

WordPress plugins SEOBreeze


Search engine optimization has the power to take your website to the higher rank and to redirect organic traffic to the site. Thus, there is no reason to take this process for granted, right? Although it requires expert knowledge to execute SEO correctly, however, you can even generate adequate results with basic SEO techniques

To help you out in this domain, this plugin is ever-ready. Equipped with a page analyzation feature, this plugin discovers mistakes on web pages and shows you appropriate ways for optimization. Not just that, but this plugin can even help to optimize WordPress XML sitemap.

Integrated with advanced and latest SEO updates, this plugin will be helpful in different stages. If you wish, you can even obtain MOZ integration to gauge target keywords and to make relevant changes to the content.

9. SurveyFunnel plugin

WordPress plugins SurveyFunnel


SurveyFunnel is one of the most important plugins that is competent enough to improve your website engagement rate. This premium plugin is integrated with several useful plugins that can convert your visitors into customers.

Be it capturing relevant leads, engaging the audience, gathering customer data, or creating sales funnel on the website; this plugin is proficient enough to do almost everything with ease. Its credibility can be assessed from the fact that several top marketers are using it for their projects.

SurveyFunnel uses conditional logic to craft succeeding questions on the basis of the last response of your customers. Hence, it has the tendency to keep them engaged for a long time. On top of that, its analyzing feature even lets you understand the interaction between your website and your visitors.

10. BackupBreeze plugin

WordPress plugins Backupbreeze


Having a website backup can revive your site instantly whenever a problem arises. Whether the site breaks down or gets hacked, there is probably nothing that a backup cannot fix. Keeping this in mind, BackupBreeze is the plugin that can help you take backup easily.

It gives you several options to consider when you wish to store the latest copy of your site. Whether you want to back up your entire website, or just a single file, everything is quite possible. Furthermore, you can even secure your database and the website theme by backing them up. With this plugin, you can even schedule your backup for the automatic process.


WordPress plugins are meant to make the process of creating, handling, and promoting a website easier. So, consider this list of plugins and choose the ones that can help you gain better results. If you wish to have more, you can even get these plugins mentioned above along with 80 more in a bundle.

You would simply have to signup here, and you can avail the benefits of an abundance of plugins at minimum rates. Without further ado, create your account and enjoy advantageous plugins.

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