What you need to know when buying hosting for WordPress website

What you need to know when buying hosting for WordPress website
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What you need to know when buying hosting for WordPress website

Nowadays, WordPress is the world’s leading open CMS that people tend to use. This is also the main platform with 28% of the web using. They’re from personal hobbies blogs to the biggest online news and e-commerce websites.

1. Introduction

For many hosting providers, WordPress is really a fat profit if they know how to take advantage of the opportunity. So that, there’re many WordPress hosting services appear continuously day by day. Then, how to choose a quality hosting for WordPress website is now a big problem.

What you need to know when buying hosting for your WordPress website

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Hence, in this article, I will introduce to all you guys some points related to hosting for WordPress website. If you’re interested in about this then let’s read to the end of this article.

2. Some basic requirements when buying hosting for WordPress website

2.1. PHP and MySQL version

WordPress works based on PHP and MySQL. So that, in order to work smoothly and have effective, you should choose web hosting that has at least points below:

  • PHP version 5.2.4 or higher (recommend: PHP version 7.2 or higher)
  • MySQL version 5.5 or higher (recommend: MySQL version 8.0 or higher)

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You can check these 2 parameters easily on cPanel as the image below

What you need to know when buying hosting for WordPress website

WordPress also encourages people using Apache webserver or Nginx webserver. They’re both powerful servers and have most features to run WordPress smoothly. However, you can use any other types of the web server that have PHP and MySQL installed & supported.

2.2. Some points need to be considered

Besides, you should consider some points below when choosing a web hosting (shared hosting)

  • 99% Uptime Guarantee
  • As much bandwidth as possible
  • The more disk space the better
  • The higher CPU limits the better
  • Have SMTP email sending supported
  • 24/7 support with quick response
  • Daily automatically backup (or weekly)
  • Have Apache mod_rewrite module supported, to use “pretty permalinks” and multi-site
  • Have Softaculous supported, to quick install many scripts, apps

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You also need to check carefully about the reviews that other customers wrote for the hosting company you’re going to buy. These reviews will help you much in your buying decision.

Nowadays, most of the providers that have Linux hosting plans can meet all those WordPress requirements. But there’re some more points that you need to consider

2.3. Your server’s location

Firstly, you need to determine that who are your potential audiences and where do they come from? That means you need to know where are your main traffic sources from, or which are main countries that have much traffic to your website.

If you see that you have much traffic from the US then your website should be placed on servers located in the US. This will ensure that your website’s loading time is fast and reliable.

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Google said that the server location is not important and not affect in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). But you can realize that it affects strongly on your website’s loading time. And the loading time is one of the most important factors in SEO. So that you need to make sure that visitors access to your site as fast as possible.

2.4. Some other factors you need to consider too

  • Mod Security: to help your site load safer
  • Dedicated IP: to help you with many useful things in SEO, SMTP email and avoiding spam problems.
  • Automatically & Real-time Backup: to help your site safer and avoid losing your important database
  • SSD Drive: to increase the read/write data time to disk more faster
  • Cache Services: to help your site responses faster and increase the load capacity

3. Conclusion

Choosing a right web hosting for your WordPress website is not easy. So that, you need to do it carefully. Research and compare many providers each other, and read more reviews about each of them. To help you guys about this, I have this article about best WordPress hosting review. I think this will help you in your choice.

If you’re finding just web hosting for your business, please read this article How to choose a good Web Hosting Provider for Your Business

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Good luck to you,

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