How to get your website secured for the very low price using GoDaddy Website Protection

How to get your website secured for the very low price using GoDaddy Website Protection
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How to get your website secured for the very low price using GoDaddy Website Protection

Website security is becoming more important now as there are many automated softwares available on the internet that are only developed for the sole purpose of infecting websites.

1. Introduction

If a site gets virus or malware, it gets very difficult to get it removed and unless you are an experienced developer. You cannot get disinfect your website yourself.

Even, experienced developers can get into many problems while removing any malware from a website. Big companies spend billions of dollars on security and to keep their sites safe from hackers.

And, if you have ever experienced the malware injection on your websites, then you can know how it feels. Even the owner can get blocked from their own sites. It’s like you have a good pair of headphones but you can listen clear audio because they are affected by some useless virus.

So, it’s important to keep our sites secure from unnecessary malwares and viruses.

How to get your website secured for very low price using GoDaddy 1

In this article, we will have a look at GoDaddy Website Protection service and how you can use it for the lowest price in case your website is infected with any type of malware.

2. GoDaddy Website Protection

Now, malware can get inside your site from multiple locations.

It does not only infect to big websites. In point of fact, almost of virus or malware infections are automated, which means that you’re of a target as anybody. And, if you are infected, it can do more than interrupt your site, it can hurt your business reputation.

Some people think that their sites are small and why would a hacker will target him…

…But you have to understand one thing that, real-world hacking is very different from what is shown in movies. Real world hacking is pretty much automated and bots continuously scan different websites to find vulnerabilities in different sites.

That is why, in order to keep their customers’ sites clean, GoDaddy has now a well-structured website security and malware removal plan which is affordable also even for small site owners. “We believe enterprise-grade security should be available to everyone, and that’s what we’re bringing to our customers with GoDaddy Website Security” – GoDaddy has said in a statement.

How to get your website secured for very low price using GoDaddy 2

GoDaddy website security is powered by Sucuri and it provides a world-class website malware protection and security plan.

You don’t have to install any software or do any hard work. After purchasing, their plan all work gets automated such as daily security scans. And if there are any issues, a ticket automatically gets created and their security developers start their work to remove malware from your site.

The best part here is that malware removal is performed manually by Sucuri experts and not by any tool or software. So, it is more reliable as you can trust humans more than softwares.

Also, it does not matter how big a virus is present on your site. They will remove it no matter how long it will take at no additional cost to you.

3. Features of GoDaddy Website security plan

There are many features available with GoDaddy website security plan such as:

3.1. Super-fast service for emergency cleanup

If anytime your website gets infected by any virus or malware, you just have to content Godaddy and open a ticket. And GoDaddy developers will start their work within 30 minutes of you opening the ticket. This is pretty quick as compared to other website security plans available online.

3.2. Daily automated scans

Continuous security monitoring and daily scans are performed by GoDaddy website protection plan. Also, the system will alert you if it finds any your site is infected with any type of virus.

3.3. Unlimited malware protection

It does not matter how many times your site is getting infected in a month or year. GoDaddy provides unlimited malware protection in its website security plan at no extra cost.

3.4. Army of talented developers

As I have mentioned earlier in the article that website malware removal is done by experts and not by any software, GoDaddy has an army of talented security developers and analysts who will do anything to remove malware from your website. So, your website security will not be compromised anytime.

3.5. Website blacklist monitoring & removals

If for any reason, your site gets blacklisted on Google or in any other search engines; GoDaddy will do all the needful work to get your site removed from the blacklist and protect your site further for other attacks of the future.

3.6. DDoS protection

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection is also included in the plans of website security. DDoS can slow down and even take down any site within seconds by the flooding of HTTPS and DNS amplification with the flood of automated traffic.

3.7. Firewall protection

GoDaddy also includes a firewall protection for your site. They put your website behind a firewall which protects and prevents malware reinfection to keep your site secured and safe.

3.8. Brute force protection

This is an automated process where an application tries to login to your website by trying hundreds of thousands of different password combination until any combination works. This can lead to sensitive data leak and even take over your site from you by hackers.

3.9. Protection from Injection

Injection is something which is very dangerous and can hack your entire site. Hackers usually send some malicious data in the form of a file or command or query and then they can have entire control of your site. GoDaddy website security protects from this also.

3.10. Zero-day

Now, there may be a possibility that your site gets affected by a virus for which a patch is not yet developed or available, GoDaddy website firewall protects from this also.

4. GoDaddy Website Security Plans

There are three different plans for Malware removal and protection: Express, Essential and Deluxe.

The express plan has a response time of only 30 minutes which is great and you should go for this plan if you have a big website and if your business is dependent only on your website.

Essential and Deluxe both offer a response time of 12 hours which is usually the worst case scenario time. Normally, GoDaddy experts will start working on your site within a few hours after opening a ticket.

How to get your website secured for very low price using GoDaddy 4

4.1. Other included features are

  • Malware removal & hack repair
  • Advanced security monitoring
  • Google blacklist monitoring & removal
  • File change monitoring
  • Security analyst
  • Trusted site seal
  • 24/7 support (phone, chat, email)
  • SSL certificate
  • Advanced DDoS mitigation
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF)
  • Performance accelerator (CDN)

SSL certificate, Advanced DDoS protection, Website firewall and CDN is not included in the essential plan.

I would recommend you to go with an essential plan if you don’t have a big budget to spend on website security. Essential plan is enough for small to medium sized websites.

4.2. With mentioned features above, all plans include some other key features also which are

  • Protect unlimited pages within a website
  • Thread and security analysts for advanced points
  • Advanced security monitoring
  • Website blacklist monitoring and removal
  • Brand reputation report
  • Unlimited site malware removal and hack repair
  • Trusted website seal
  • 24/7 customer support with expert
  • 30-day money back guarantee

The best thing here is that GoDaddy also offers a 30-day money back guarantee. So, even if you don’t like the service, you can cancel anytime within 30 days and all your money will be returned to you.

You can visit here to see the Godaddy Website Protection plans, and use this coupon  to get 28% off Website Security, powered by Sucuri

4. How GoDaddy Website Security works?

GoDaddy has partnered with Sucuri which is famous for “providing security for any website”. Sucuri plans are also very expensive so it’s better to go with GoDaddy as you will get the same service from both ways.

Now, your website will be scanned daily (you can choose from daily, 30-minute, or 12-hour scan frequency and security monitoring) and if anytime there’s malware found, you will be alerted immediately.

Then, you have to manually open a ticket and then sit back and just relax while GoDaddy experts will be doing their job.

The files which are modified during the process are also backed up in case anything goes wrong. So, you can be tension free.

Now, some people think that by installing an SSL certificate, their website is secured. But they don’t’ understand one thing that SSL only encrypts the data which is being transferred to and from your website. SSL does not provide any type of protection from potential malware and threats. Website security is necessary for completely securing a website.

I have personally used Godaddy Malware removal plan and I was happy with their services. They removed the malware from one of my site within 12 hours of ordering it.

You can always check if your site is infected or not by Sucuri free website malware and security scanner.

And if you are thinking then why should you choose GoDaddy website protection instead of Sucuri as both are almost same while Sucuri is very costly (their basic plan starts from $199.99 per year per site and $499.99 per year per site for business sites) for small and medium website owners. The worst thing is that Sucuri does not even offer monthly plans so you only have the option to pay yearly while you can pay on a monthly basis on GoDaddy.

6. Conclusion

This is a great move by Godaddy to help small and medium-sized website owners protect their website for little cost and a lot of benefits.

Also, as malware and virus threats are increasing exponentially, now it is a perfect time to try this website security plan by Godaddy. Even if you don’t like it, you can always request a refund within 30 days of ordering it.

Godaddy is also continuously expanding its services and infrastructure so you can be sure of future updates also. The Website security plan from as low as $8 per month is not bad, considering its benefits, features and long-term effects.

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